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12-Week Online TANTRA Intimacy Course for Women
Awaken Your Passion, Power and Pleasure

Launching Tuesday, June 18th 2024

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Awakening your desire is about connecting to yourself and tapping into your life-force energy. 


Everything starts with you…every relationship that you have is a mirror of yourself and your own personal internal development.

✔Do you feel like the passion has been lost in your relationship?

✔Do you feel disconnected from your body and emotions?

✔Do you struggle to reach climax and feel unfullfilled in lovemaking?

✔Do you feel like you need a soul-level breakthough?

If you answered YES to even one of these questions, "Awaken Your Desire" (AYD) could be a great fit for you.


In order to create REAL change in our lives, we need to do deep embodiment work.


That means we need to adopt practices that create change in the physical and subtle body and not just in the mind.  

In order to deeply heal we need to release stuck patterns and emotions and learn to move our energy.

This cannot be done only through talk therapy.


Understanding the change we want to see is not enough, we need to embody and BE that change.

When I was introduced to Tantra and the yoni egg practice, I was after my second birth and the intimacy with my partner had become routine and passionless.


We were both unsatisfied and were both blaming each other for how we felt. We knew something needed to change and my partner discovered Tantra. Although I initially resisted, I realized that if we were going to be happy, we both needed to do some deep work.


We began to explore our sacred energy more deeply and through this exploration we expanded into realms of bliss that we hadn't previously known.


Our relationship changed. Our intimacy changed. Our communication changed. We became way more authentic with each other and we were able to both identify our boundaries and simultaneously surrender more fully to each other.


The yoni egg practice was a very important piece to this puzzle. It helped me to reclaim my energy, power and pleasure. It taught me that I am responsible for cultivating my own energy and that loving my body and activating my pleasure was key to maintaining a passionate and compassionate relationship with myself and with my partner.


The yoni egg is an incredible tool to bring you back to your body and soul. It is a soft whisper that activates you in the most subtle of ways - showing you the way back to honoring and revering your personal TEMPLE - your body.


If you are interested in starting your OWN yoni egg practice to activate your energy and passion and process stuck emotions and patterns - this is what I teach in AYD.


We start on June 18, 2024


The course is a combination of 12 pre-recorded modules and 12 live coaching calls - 24 sessions in all (over the course of 3 months).


The live coaching calls meet every Tuesday for 12 weeks from 10am-11:30am PST (1-2:30pm EST).

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Thumbnails - Kajabi.png
Before working with Naomi, my husband and I feel like we're stuck in our relationship and we were really struggling to regain that spark in our relationship. After working with Naomi, we definitely gained a lot of intimacy, and that's very fulfilling. She taught us how to communicate with each other and I definitely achieved my goal of being connected to myself. Definitely consider working with Naomi, she has literally changed our lives.


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 12-week 'Awaken Your Desire' Online TANTRA Course for Women Syllabus:

Module 1 -  Foundations of Tantra and Yoni Egg Practice 

  • What is Tantra / Neo- Tantra

  • Benefits and effects of Yoni Egg Practice


Module 2 - How to Channel our Life-Force Energy

  • Reviving the Divine Feminine

  • Microcosmic Orbit


Module 3 - Reconnect to Your Womb Cycles and Yoni Consciousness

  • Mooncycle Awareness and how this affect us energetically 

  • Creating Dialogue with our Yoni (vulva)  


Module 4 - Rewiring our Emotional Patterning

  • Emotional Patterns and how these patters affects our relationship

  • Releasing and Moving our Emotions


Module 5 - Rebalancing the Internal Feminine & Masculine Paradigm

  • Polarity - Strengthening Attraction in Relationships

  • Internal Masculine and Feminine paradigm balancing


Module 6 - The Connection between our Sacred Energy and Communication

  • Throat Chakra Activation

  • IMAGO Practice

Module 7 - Creating Consent & Boundaries around Touch

  • Waking Up the Hands

  • Boundaries in Relationships


Module 8 - Yoni Health and Emotions

  • How to Heal Naturally from Vaginal Health Issues

  • How our Emotions affects our Vaginal health


Module 9 - The Energetics of Pleasure

  • The Basics of Pleasure


Module 10 - The Wheel of Consent with Soleiman Bolour

  • Our Internal Yes & No

  •  How to communicate our Boundaries


Module 11 - Tribal Woman Alchemy to Step into Our Power

  • How to properly massage and care for our breasts


Module 12 - Sacred Energy Magic

  • Healing and Sacred Energy Magic

What is a yoni egg practice?

The yoni egg practice comes from ancient china and was used by the concubines of the royalty to maintain their vitality, beauty, power and sexual strength. It is a practice that has physical, mental and spiritual benefits. The yoni egg is invited into the vagina through an intentional practice that is combined with meditations, movement, breathwork and touch. With the egg inside, various exercises are done that strengthen the pelvic floor, lubricate the vagina, calm down the nervous system and connect us to our own energy and pleasure.


How can this practice enhance my life?

The practice can open up women to being more pleasureful as it helps to increase sensitivity and attention to sensations. Being pleasureful is not only related to intimate encounters but also to life as a whole. Our idea of climax can be expanded into something much greater as we learn to be more present with our sensations and touch. When our life-force energy is activated and flowing, our lives tend to be more in alignment. We become more passionate, powerful and authentic in all areas of our lives. We are able to make important life decisions from a place of confidence and bravery, as opposed to from a place of insecurity and fear.


What Makes this Offer Unique?

This course is a one-of-a-kind comprehensive deep dive that incorporates meditations, yoni egg practices, psychoanalytic tools, emotional alchemy work, tantric knowledge, communication skills, yoga, bio-energy healing and live coaching.


This course is a combination of everything that I have learned from gurus worldwide; Swami Govindananda and Swami Brahmananda - some of the greatest minds today in yoga; Ehud Abrahamson - world renown guru that developed energetic treatments for addiction - Abrahamson Center; Avishag Haya Caspi - a pioneer in Tantra and Dr. Betty Martin - creator of the Wheel of Consent.


My academic background, B.A. in Psychology and an M.A. in Conflict Management and Resolution, also helps me greatly in my work.


Most of all, my teachings come from my direct experience - from the enlightening experiences I was gifted through yoga, meditation, tantric sex and energy healing, but perhaps more importantly from my struggles in relationship, healing vaginal disorders, birth, motherhood and lack of libido.


This course is a compilation of the last two decades of my soul searching, sickness, healing, struggle, triumph, bliss, sadness, joy and more.


It is truly an offering from the depths of my heart.

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Meet Naomi Slater

Naomi Slater from, is an experienced intimacy & relationship coach, yoga teacher and bio-energy therapist. She is the creator of the 3-month online course “Awaken Your Desire” for women that helps women reclaim their wild and powerful divine feminine through yoni egg practices, emotional alchemy, meditation and psychoanalytic tools. Naomi is also the host on the Divine Couples podcast, where she explores conscious sacred union. Her passion is helping women and couples heal their relationships and reclaim their power, pleasure and passion.

What people are saying about Awaken Your Desire?

What do I need to start my practice?


The main thing you need is an open heart and mind. You will also need a pure nephrite jade yoni egg to use for our practices. I will send you a link where you can purchase what you need. 

Can't I just buy a yoni egg and do the practice on my own?


Yes, you can, but in order to really reap the benefits of the practice you will need guidance. There are contraindications you should be aware of and ways in which you could potentially hurt yourself if the practice is done incorrectly. You should also be aware that trauma can resurface through this practice and it is highly advisable that you have a mentor who can support you and help you process your emotions.

I already have a yoni egg practice, is this the right course for me?


Yes, even if you already have a yoni egg practice this course can significantly deepen your practice! Not only will you receive new yoni egg practices, but the way in which the practice is done will probably be different from what you have already experienced. I am one of the few teachers that also teaches how to awaken erotic energy through the yoni egg practice. Most teachers only teach the techniques, which in my opinion feels a bit mechanical.

I don't live in the U.S., can I still join?


Absolutely, anyone in the world can join. The course is on a membership site and the live calls are held on zoom.


When will you offer this again?


Not for at least another 6 months, if ever again. I am always looking to develop new things ;). If you feel the calling, then the best time is NOW.

How Long Do I Get Access to the Course?


Lifetime access or as long as my business exists. You can review and use the modules as a guide to your practice for as long as you like.


I discuss my prices with women who get on calls with me, as there are a couple of payment options. I don't provide a link to payment because I also like to see who I am enrolling in my courses. This course is a deep dive and I like to make sure that all that join are a good fit! If you click on the link below, you can schedule a free call with me and we can get to know each other. There are no expectations and no pressure to join.

Space is limited so Apply Now!

If you want to develop a healthy and fulfilling relationship with yourself and/or with your partner, this is the perfect course for you. Spaces are limited!

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