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Reclaim your passion,

deepen your intimacy,

and connect to your pleasure

Meet Naomi

Intimacy & Relationship Coach

Naomi is an experienced intimacy & relationship coach, yoga teacher and bio-energy therapist. She is the creator of the online course “Awaken Your Desire” for women that helps women reclaim their wild and powerful divine feminine through yoni egg practices, emotional alchemy, meditation and psychoanalytic tools. 


Naomi is also the host on the Divine Couples podcast, where she explores conscious sacred union. Her passion is helping women and couples heal their relationships and reclaim their power, pleasure and passion.

Naomi Slater


Connect with your own Body and Pleasure

Awaken Your Desire Online Course for Women with Naomi Slater

Awaken Your Desire Course For Women


12-week Online Course for Women


Launching on Tuesday, October 8th 2024

A transformational course for women who want to awaken the wild feminine and reconnect to their pleasure, passion, and power.

This course is for you if you want to…
• reconnect to your body and awaken your desire
• awaken the passion in your relationship
• learn about sacred union

• learn to channel your life-force energy
• release stuck emotions that are holding you back
• receive tools for healing
• develop a yoni egg practice
• connect to your power, pleasure, creativity, and abundance through developing a self-love practice


Divine Couples Course


6 Modules for Couples


The Divine Couples Course is here to support you on your journey to discovering sacred intimacy! 



  • Increase pleasure potential 

  • I​mprove your communication skills 

  • Improve receptivity to intimacy 

  • ​Juicy self-love practices for men and women 

  • ​New lovemaking skills and rituals- ex. Yoni and Lingam massage instruction 

  • ​Exercises to perform before lovemaking to increase sensations and energy flow

  • ​New ways to touch each other and explore your desires

  • ​​Reignite the passion in your relationship and intensify attraction

  • ​​​Clear energetic/emotional blockages

  • ​​​​​Improve performance in bed

  • ​​​​​Channel life-force energy 

Couples Coaching with Naomi Slater

Couples Coaching

For couples that want to take their relationship to the next level and for couples that are dealing with intimacy, lovemaking, and emotional issues.


Learn new lovemaking skills, clear emotional and energetic blockages, learn healthy communication skills and receive tools to greatly increase pleasure and passion during lovemaking.

Women's Coaching with Naomi Slater

Women's Coaching

Develop a self-love practice and clear emotional blockages that are preventing you from loving yourself.


Learn to activate and channel your life-force energy through yoni egg practices and emotional alchemy work. Get clear on how to create healthy boundaries and deeper intimacy in your relationships so that you can thrive!

Claim my FREE eBook for Couples

In this ebook, you will learn about:

  • 5 Simple Techniques you can use to improve intimacy

  • 7 Common Mistakes couples make that ruin intimacy and how to avoid them.

  • 5 INSIDER SECRETS that could help you Awaken the Passion in your Relationship - Numbers 2 & 3 will BLOW your mind!

  • ​And much, much more!

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Yoni Egg
Audio Guide Series

✔ Intro Video: Physical, mental and spiritual benefits of yoni egg practice, contra-indications and answers to common questions.

✔ Three Audios: Unlimited access to three stand alone yoni egg audio practices that you can use to guide you as you practice. Each practice will introduce some new elements and build on the previous one. 

✔ Music from DJ AIWAA: The audios are accompanied by DJ AIWAA's tribal music to help you get your groove on ;).

Loving Yourself is Key to Creating Deep Intimacy with Others

Start Your Journey Here

Naomi Slater

Free Masterclass for Women

Know my TOP SACRED SECRETS on How to Awaken Your Desire and Create Fulfilling Relationships

Naomi Slater

Divine Couples Podcast
with Naomi Slater

Do you want to learn about how your intimacy affects all aspects of your life? Join Naomi Slater, relationship and intimacy coach, yoga teacher, and bio-energy therapist, as she interviews guests and dives deep into understanding the power of your life-force energy. 

Naomi explores sacred union from a conscious perspective and talks about how you can create deeper intimacy, awaken your desire and heal your relationships.


Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have. 

Live Events

Feminine Flow Event with Naomi Slater
Feminine Flow Event with Naomi Slater
Feminine Flow Event with Naomi Slater
Feminine Flow Event with Naomi Slater
Feminine Flow Event with Naomi Slater
Feminine Flow Event with Naomi Slater

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonial with Naomi Slater

"I wanted to take my self-love practice to a deeper level and to connect with my divine femininity. I really enjoyed working with Naomi, she has been wonderful throughout the course. I am grateful to her and to myself that I made the decision to take this course. I recommend this to other women who want to connect more deeply with themselves or who want to work through some trauma.."

Client Testimonial with Naomi Slater

"Naomi is my 'tantric coach'. I am happy to say that one of benefits of working with Naomi is that I feel like I have a new friend and I am so grateful that I have taken the leap to invest in my body, and invest in myself. So if you are considering working with Naomi, I absolutely recommend her and her wisdom."

Client Testimonial with Naomi Slater

"I wholeheartedly recommended Naomi's course. It helped me awaken my sensuality, connect with my erotic nature, and with my feminine nature. Naomi did a wonderful job guiding us, and I truly enjoyed the benefits of this practice. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to heal intimately and emotionally and to every woman who wants to connect deeper with her feminine nature and develop a practice of self-love."

- Amanda Cote

- Lindai Loutun

- Raluca Popescu

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