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Naomi Slater

Women's Coaching

Learn about the nature of the female climax and receive practical tools to increase your life force energy and pleasure potential. Receive tools to develop a healthy and passionate relationship with yourself and with your partner. Learn communication skills that lead to empowering and fulfilling relationships.


Coaching sessions with Naomi can include:

  • General knowledge about female pleasure

  • Increase potential for pleasure

  • How to communicate with men - creating empowering relationships

  • Understanding men and how to help them embody their masculinity

  • Breath and yoga exercises to increase vitality, health, and energy

  • Understanding and helping with issues such as, reoccurring candida, vaginal pain during intercourse

  • Awakening your connection to yourself through self-pleasure and awareness practices

  • How to channel life-force energy

  • Jade Egg practice

  • How to create and live your vision and passion

Women's Coaching

Women's Testimonials

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