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My Story

I was introduced to yoga as a college student at Indiana University where I was studying for a B.A in Psychology. I had to choose an exercise elective and yoga was really the only thing that appealed to me. I immediately perceived the mind altering affect that the practice had on me. A couple years after graduating college, I moved to Israel and found a very dedicated yoga teacher that shaped my practice until today. I began practicing daily and had my first spiritual awakening in a deep state of relaxation. This awakening changed my being on a cellular level - friends and family noticed that I was different and my practice continued to deepen.


Simultaneously, I was studying at Bar Ilan University and received an M.A. in Conflict Management and Resolution - I was very interested in the Arab-Palestinian/Israeli conflict and was motivated to create more understanding and dialogue. The internal peace that I was experiencing through my yoga practice wanted to also be realized in my environment, which was ridden with conflict, mistrust, hate and violence.

We embarked upon an incredible journey of discovering our own intimate sensuality and then creating magic together. I later realized the connection between yoga and tantra and learned that my yogic practice had created the perfect foundation for experiencing the deeper energetics in tantric lovemaking.

We attended many Tantra workshops worldwide, and worked with Avishag Haya Caspi, a leading figure in the field of Tantra, with whom we also studied Advanced Tantra therapy. We learned how to communicate differently, make love differently and we transformed our relationship into one that co-creates exploration, respect, deep authenticity, trust, love and passion.


We both invested in cultivating our own life-force energy and digging deep to uproot unresolved issues. It was a difficult and also a very worthwhile process!


As a result of my own personal transformation, I have dedicated myself to teaching this knowledge to others. It is my honor and passion to do this work.



MA in Conflict Management and Resolution, 2006

BA in Psychology, 2000


Like a Pro, Professional Training - The School of Consent with Dr. Betty Martin, 2021

Advanced Course in Tantra Therapy - Avishag Haya Caspi, 2018

Bio-Energy Therapy Healing - The Abrahamson Institute, 2018

Yoga Therapy Practitioner Certification 200hr - Dr. Gil Solberg, 2014

Pre-Natal Yoga Teacher Training - Sivananda, 2006

Yoga Teacher Training - 200hr Sivananda, 2005

Reiki Level II, 2005

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When I completed writing my M.A. thesis, I decided to travel to India to receive my Yoga Teacher Training certificate and spent five months in Sivananda Ashrams learning with some very dedicated Swami's. Swami Govindananda and then later Swami Brahmananda were both instrumental in my development and I feel grateful to this day for the teachings and transmissions that I received from them. I lived the ashram life and felt the freedom and joy from immersing myself in these teachings and practices.


When I came back to Israel, I dove into teaching yoga, spending a lot of my time in deep practice and study. I later returned to India to complete a 2-week Sadhana Intensive training that consisted mostly of intense breathwork exercises, called pranayama. This opened me up energetically to new spiritual experiences. At the time, I was also working in a non-profit to create more civil inclusivity in Israel and was exposed to very interesting, deep and difficult aspects of the conflict and also how citizens can work together, even if they don't agree on some very fundamental things - I of course use these tools in my work with couples ;).


Navot and I had just started dating when I left to India for Sadhana Intensive. We had met in a spiritual dance festival in a group style OSHO meditation. At the time, I knew nothing about Tantra and only knew that Osho was a rebel Indian guru that did things differently! In the meditation, there were various stages. I met Navot when we had to walk around and every time you met eyes with someone, you stopped, hugged them for three breaths and then said "I LOVE YOU" to each other - those were our first words. From that point on, we were inseparable. We had a very passionate beginning and were married after a year and a half of being together.


Fast forward some years later. Navot and I had two kids (today we have three) and we were both feeling dissatisfied with our relationship. We both felt unseen and unheard and we were fighting more. I has lost my desire for intimacy with him and he was feeling constantly rejected. We both realized that our relationship had changed from what had brought us together. We knew we were destined for each other but our shared life was no longer enjoyable. We both knew that something needed to change.

Navot discovered Tantra and began practicing semen retention and raising his energy. Of course, he wanted me to join him but I was resisting. Eventually, I realized that I couldn't keep brushing this issue under the rug and I joined him.

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Our Story

Navot and I have been on spiritual paths for many years, traveling the Far East, India to study ancient philosophies and practices from various teachers and gurus. 


Our dedication and thirst for spiritual development are essentially what brought our souls together. Our first words to each other were "I love you" when we met in an Osho group meditation. Those first words left an imprint on our destiny. We have now been married for over a decade and have three beautiful children. 


Although we have always had a very good relationship, at a certain point, we became bored with our intimacy, we were fighting too much, and realized that something needed to change. 


Since we both already had deeply rooted spiritual practices, we quickly began to implement Tantric tools and practices when we discovered tantra. This work has transformed our relationship, lovemaking, and communication and continues to open us up to new experiences and levels of bliss. 


We both studied Advanced Tantra Therapy with Avishag Haya Caspi, a leading figure in the field, and have participated in numerous Tantra seminars in Thailand and Israel.

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