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Awaken Your Desire
Online Course for Women

Launching on March 24, 2024

This 12-week online course includes:
• 12, 60-90 minute sessions on a membership site with lifetime access (or as long as our business exists)
• 12 additional LIVE weekly coaching calls with Naomi - including LIVE embodiment practices and Q&A
• Access to Naomi via What's App during the duration of the course
• A bonus masterclass led by Soleiman Bolour - an experienced male neo-tantra facilitator

Course Syllabus

Module 1: Foundations - Tantra and Yoni Egg Practice
We will begin by creating an understanding on the foundations of Tantra and some of the philosophy behind these ancient practices. We will learn about the yoni egg practice, benefits, effects, contraindications and how to care for your egg.

Module 2: Neo Tantra & Energy Channeling
Learn about the modern Tantra movement and how it contributes to creating embodied and self aware humans. We will have our first yoni egg practice and begin learning the microcosmic orbit - how to channel our life-force

Module 3: Yoni Consciousness
We will reconnect to our womb cycles through learning about our mooncycle phases and how they affect us energetically and physically. We will learn about how we can work with our mooncycle to optimize our energy levels during the month and create a new appreciation for our "time of the month". We will connect to our Yoni (vulva) and tap into HER wisdom.

Module 4: Rewiring our Emotional Patterning
We will uncover some of our emotional patterning and how these patterns affect our reactions, behaviors and relationships. We will learn about how we can rise above our limiting beliefs and create more happiness and satisfaction in our lives. We will dive deep into our second yoni egg practice and practice the inner smile meditation.


Naomi Slater
Awaken your desire
Naomi Slater

Module 5: Rebalancing the Internal Feminine & Masculine Paradigm
We will learn about female sexuality in history and how that has led to women feeling disconnected from their body and power. We will learn about the qualities and traits of the divine feminine and masculine and learn about how we can balance these energies within us. We will perform a clearing ritual to clear out trauma from the wounded masculine (or wounded feminine).


Module 6: Intimacy and Communication

We will learn about the connection between intimacy and communication. We will learn the principles of healthy, non-violent communication and how to change the way we communicate, in general, but in particular, when we are triggered. We will dive deep into our third yoni egg practice.

Module 7: Creating Boundaries for Health

We will learn about the meaning of boundaries, how we identify our own personal boundaries and how do we enforce our boundaries. We will understand how a lack of boundaries can adversely affect our health. We will learn breathwork practices to create vitality in our body-mind system.


Module 8: Yoni Health and Emotions

I will share my personal story with chronic candida and how I healed myself, naturally. We will learn about various vaginal health issues and how our emotions and diet affect our vaginal health. We will dive deep into our fourth yoni egg practice and practice the six healing sounds meditation.


Module 9: The Energetics of Pleasure

We will learn about the energetics of pleasure and how to increase our pleasure potential. We will learn about how our ability to express emotion affects our ability to feel pleasure. We will have our fifth yoni egg practice.


Module 10: Masterclass - The Wheel of Consent with Soleiman Bolour

We will learn about how communicating about our boundaries and creating consent can lead to tremendous pleasure and surrender into blissful intimacy We will learn how to identify our internal "yes" and "no".


Module 11: Our Breasts and Tribal Woman Alchemy

We will learn about how our breasts are the key to our heart and how to properly massage and care for them. We will be guided through a powerful tribal women alchemy release that will help us both remember and step into our power!


Module 12: Healing & Sacred Life-Force Magic

We will learn about the connection between healing and sacred life-force magic manifestation. We will learn about how our energy can be used for healing ourselves and others.


This course is a deep dive. Please apply ONLY if you are ready and willing to do the work. Spaces are limited!



Module 1: Introduction to Tantra

  • Welcome

  • ​Core Tantric Principles

  • ​Tantra & Pleasure Principles

Module 2: Identifying & Communicating Our Emotions

  • Identifying Emotions Somatically

  • ​Learning a New Way to Communicate

  • ​Communication Demonstration

Module 3: Consent & Erotic Touch

  • Feeling Your "Yes" and Your "No"

  • ​Waking Up Your Pleasure

  • ​Types of Touch

  • ​Desires & Boundaries

  • ​Consensual Touch Video Demonstration 

Module 4: Self-Love Practice

  • Turning Yourself ON!

  • ​Microcosmic Orbit Practice - Energy Channeling

  • ​Yoni Egg Practice for Women - bonus included - Yoni Egg Audio Series, a 3-session Audio Guided Follow-Along Practice 

  • ​Semen Retention for Men - explanation with Navot Cohen 

  • ​Making Love to Yourself Practice for Men and Women - Audio Guided Follow-Along Practice 

Module 5: Polarity & Intensifying Attraction

  • What is Polarity in Tantra?

  • ​How Does Polarity Affect Our Attraction?

  • ​Ways to Improve Attraction

  • ​Polarity Practice Video Demonstration 

Module 6: Yoni & Lingam Massage

  • Why Genital Massage?

  • ​Pleasure Potential

  • ​The Act of Tantric Lovemaking

  • ​Yoni Massage Practice - Audio Guided Follow-Along Practice 

  • ​Lingam Massage Practice - Audio Guided Follow-Along Practice 

Awaken your desire



The use of a nephrite jade egg to strengthen the Yoni (vagina or sacred space in Sanskrit) is said to be a Taoist practice that evolved over thousands of years in ancient China. Nephrite jade, the stone traditionally used for this practice, is considered to have protective and healing properties. It is said to transmute negative energies into positive ones, can instill a sense of calm and well-being, can increase enjoyment of life, promotes confidence and calms the nervous system. It is also non-porous and incredibly hard, which prevents the egg from absorbing bacteria and/or cracking that could lead to vaginal infection or injury.


The yoni egg is consciously invited into the vagina and various exercises are done that both contract and relax the pelvic floor muscles. The practice is done in conjunction with attention to movement, breath, sound and energetic sensations.


The power of the yoni egg practice is NOT in the egg, but rather in the practitioner. The egg is a tool through which women can strengthen their yoni's, connect to their life-force energy and activate their passion, pleasure and creativity. Our pelvic health, including the healthy function of our pelvic nerve, is important for bladder control, vaginal blood flow and sensitivity and is also connected to the activation of confidence and creativity in the brain. The practice can help you open up to experiencing more pleasure and can help you learn to be more present in your body and connect more deeply to sensations and touch.

Although there is still no research evidence to conclude that the yoni egg practice can help with the above mentioned, there are a tremendous amount of personal success stories. Research DOES exist on the effectiveness of Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. These exercises were developed in the 40's by Dr. Arnold H. Kegel and were found to prevent incontinence. However, many that perform these exercises are not exercising the right muscles, but rather the inner thighs, abdominal or buttocks muscles. With the yoni egg, there is no mistaking which muscles you are using! You receive immediate bio-feedback from the yoni egg, as it is inserted in your vagina. You are also consciously channeling your energy that can activate your own healing potential.

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