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  • Do you feel like you have lost your passion for your partner?

  • ​Do you feel disconnected from your body and emotions?

  • ​Do you feel rejected by your partner? 

  • ​Do you feel like your are not being fully expressed in bed? 

  •  Do you feel like everything turns into an argument? 

  • ​Do you feel like you are in a great relationship but know that you could feel even more fulfillment? 

  • ​Do you feel that experiencing bliss in intimacy is a far away fantasy? 

​If you have said yes to any of these questions… 


  • You feel turned on and excited to make love to your partner. 

  • ​You feel in touch with your emotions. 

  • ​You receive the touch you desire and you know what you want. 

  • ​You feel seen and heard by your partner. 

  • ​Your lovemaking sessions deepen the intimacy between you and you finally feel fulfilled. 

  • ​Your able to expand your ability to experience deep pleasure. 

The Divine Couples Tantra Course is here to support you on your journey to discovering sacred intimacy! 


  • Increase pleasure potential 

  • I​mprove your communication skills 

  • Improve receptivity to intimacy 

  • ​Juicy self-love practices for men and women 

  • ​New lovemaking skills and rituals- ex. Yoni and Lingam massage instruction 

  • ​Exercises to perform before lovemaking to increase sensations and energy flow

  • ​New ways to touch each other and explore your desires

  • ​​Reignite the passion in your relationship and intensify attraction

  • ​​​Clear energetic/emotional blockages

  • ​​​​​Improve stamina in bed

  • ​​​​​Channel life-force energy 


Top Quality Videos: This 6-week course has been professionally filmed and includes 10 videos and 3 audio practices that include theory, guided follow-along practices and demos with my partner and I. This course also includes bonus materials, my Yoni Egg Audio Series for women, that is an introduction to the yoni egg practice with three guided follow-along practices. You will also receive some erotic and fun homework! ​

Exciting Lovemaking Rituals: I will be guiding you through some juicy audio-recorded self-love practices and exciting step-by-step lovemaking rituals. You are also going to receive video demos that will help you to explore your desires and boundaries and teach you new ways to touch each other and show you how to synchronize your energy with each other. These skills will support you through learning new ways to make love and deeply explore and communicate your authentic desires and boundaries.

Why Choose this Course?: I am one of the few Tantra coaches that is in a long-term relationship and has three children. I teach from my own personal experience and guide you through my blueprint for healing myself and my relationship with my partner. I see so many new coaches that are getting into the relationship coaching business with actually no personal experience in sustaining a long-term relationship. This is not to say that they are not good coaches, but I believe that in order to teach others something, you have to have experienced it yourself. 

Short and Sweet: It is not my intention in this course to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about Tantra and sacred union, that would be totally overwhelming, but rather to give you a manageable introduction to some of these practices. This course is an introduction to the practices that I found to be the most meaningful and transformational when Navot and I began our journey of exploration. Once you have mastered these practices, you will be able to continue onto my next more advanced course - to be developed soon :).

From the Comfort of Your Own Home: I remember feeling totally overwhelmed and triggered when going to our first live group Tantra workshops. The advantage to doing an online course is that you can do this work at your own pace and in the comfort of your own bedroom. No one is watching you and you won't be comparing yourself to anyone else! 

Lifetime Access: Once you have created a username and password for this course - you will have lifetime access to the course and its materials. After you have completed the 6-week course, you can do it again whenever you please. Each time you do this course, something new will be absorbed. In addition, even if at a later date, I decide to add more bonus materials - you will have access to that too!  

Option for Private Coaching: Some of you may also be looking for a live, one-to-one component to boost your progress and support you with any bumps you may experience as you go through this course. That is why I have include an option to purchase 3, 1-hour online couples coaching sessions with me. This offer is ONLY for those who have purchased this course! Of course, if you would like to purchase a full coaching package, please contact me directly at I do not offer single coaching sessions, from my experience they just don't get the job done! If you purchase this package, you will be directed to my online calendar for scheduling in the welcome email you will receive after purchase.  


Module 1: Introduction to Tantra

  • Welcome

  • ​Core Tantric Principles

  • ​Tantra & Intimacy

Module 2: Identifying & Communicating Our Emotions

  • Identifying Emotions Somatically

  • ​Learning a New Way to Communicate

  • ​Communication Demonstration

Module 3: Consent & Erotic Touch

  • Feeling Your "Yes" and Your "No"

  • ​Waking Up Your Pleasure

  • ​Types of Touch

  • ​Desires & Boundaries

  • ​Consensual Touch Video Demonstration 

Module 4: Self-Love Practice

  • Turning Yourself ON!

  • ​Microcosmic Orbit Practice - Energy Channeling

  • ​Yoni Egg Practice for Women - bonus included - Yoni Egg Audio Series, a 3-session Audio Guided Follow-Along Practice 

  • ​Semen Retention for Men - explanation with Navot Cohen 

  • ​Making Love to Yourself Practice for Men and Women - Audio Guided Follow-Along Practice 

Module 5: Polarity & Intensifying Attraction

  • What is Polarity in Tantra?

  • ​How Does Polarity Affect Our Attraction?

  • ​Ways to Improve Attraction

  • ​Polarity Practice Video Demonstration 

Module 6: Yoni & Lingam Massage

  • Why Genital Massage?

  • ​Pleasure Potential

  • ​The Act of Tantric Lovemaking

  • ​Yoni Massage Practice - Audio Guided Follow-Along Practice 

  • ​Lingam Massage Practice - Audio Guided Follow-Along Practice 

Testimonial - Reels (4).png

Your Facilitator  

Naomi Slater

Connect with me @tantraintimacycoaching

I am a spiritual guide and transformational facilitator. I work with Tantric knowledge and energies combined with modern psychoanalytic tools and embodiment practices to help my clients transform their lives and relationships. It is through these tools that I guide my clients into deeper self-awareness, sensitivity and presence. My mission is to support others as they step into their full passion, pleasure and power so that they can live fulfilled lives.


I have worked with hundreds of clients worldwide through live courses, online courses and individual sessions. I am the creator and facilitator of my signature 3-month online course "Awaken Your Desire" for women that has transformed the lives of many and am the host on the Divine Couples podcast. Most importantly, I am a wife to Navot and a mother to our three children. That has been the most gratifying, difficult and love-filled journey of my life. It is through the triumphs and struggles of being a devoted mother and wife in combination with my spiritual journey that have made me who I am. My unique journey as both a householder and Tantra facilitator is what informs all of my work.


I have been guiding others on their spiritual paths since 2005 when I first started out as a yoga teacher. I travelled India extensively and spent time living in Ashrams learning from various gurus and absorbing Tantric knowledge. I dove into yogic practices and had some very deep spiritual awakenings that changed me on a cellular level.

Since then I have deepened my yogic studies and also expanded into Tantra, Taoism, esoteric forms of healing and Kundalini yoga. I have also received academic degrees in Psychology and Conflict Management and Resolution, all of which inform my coaching style. My approach is practical and focused and reflects the blueprint of my own healing journey.


As a result of my own personal transformation with my now husband of 15 years, I decided to teach what I have learned to others. Although Navot and I started out very passionate, after our second child was born, I lost my desire for intimacy and was struggling with chronic candida, fatigue and depression. We were constantly arguing and both of us felt unseen and unheard. We realized that something needed to change in our relationship. Navot found Tantra and began to practice the self-love practices for men. He wanted me to explore with him, but initially I resisted.

Eventually I realized that these issues weren't going to go away on their own and truthfully I was not feeling fulfilled either. I also began to explore - I faced blocked emotions, limiting beliefs about myself and my partner and health issues - but it was through this journey that we both healed and opened up intimately and emotionally to experiencing the higher energetics of lovemaking.


When I realized that I was able to transform my relationship, I understood that I can help others transform theirs. In a world where divorce is rampant, I know that if there was once passion in the relationship, it can often be recovered. It is my hope that this course will help other couples rediscover each other and bring authenticity, intimacy and passion back into their relationships.  


See what people are saying about Working with Naomi?


Before working with Naomi, my husband and I feel like we're stuck in our relationship and we were really struggling to regain that spark in our relationship. After working with Naomi, we definitely gained a lot of intimacy, and that's very fulfilling. She taught us how to communicate with each other and I definitely achieved my goal of being connected to myself. Definitely consider working with Naomi, she has literally changed our lives.
She is Attracted to Assholes (1).png


Working with Naomi felt natural, safe and pretty incredible. As we begun to practice we were able to achieve a level of connection and intimacy which we both loved and had yearned for. Her passion about her work shows in her commitment to help couples navigate through this, sometimes very delicate area with grace, wisdom and lots of tools that she has equipped herself as a tantra teacher through the years. 
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Our journey as a couple has taken us to new heights of intimacy, connection, communication, and pleasure. It keeps getting better and better, surpassing my expectations. Our work together has also sparked a deeper exploration of spirituality, bridging the gaps between Christianity, meditation, sacred union and tantra. I've discovered profound connections and a new understanding that goes beyond poetry or metaphors. It has been a transformative experience.
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  • Divine Couples Course

    • 6-week online program
    • 10, 15-35 minute long videos
    • 3 audio practices
    • *Bonus* Yoni Egg Audio Series for women
    • Weekly practices and Pleasure work!
  • 3-Session Coaching Package + Course

    Coaching and Divine Couples Course
    • 3 online coaching sessions, 60 minutes each
    • Divine Couples Course
    • Link to schedule first session in welcome email


Is sacred union really for me? 
She is Attracted to Assholes (4).png
If you feel like you are ready to take your relationship and lovemaking to the next level then this course is definitely for you! You don't need any prior knowledge in order to have a very meaningful process and you also don't need to be versed in spiritual practices to benefit. 
Is Navot also facilitating this course? 
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No, I am the facilitator of the Course. Navot does facilitate 1 video that explains about the semen retention practice for men, he helps me with the demonstrations and adds in his precious words of wisdom.  
Do I have to be in a committed relationship to do this course? 
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No, you don't have to be in a committed relationship to do this course. Maybe you just met someone but you feel like they are a great match to do this deep work with. Maybe you have been married for 15 years or even more. All of the above can benefit from doing this course. 
What if my partner isn't interested in doing this with me? 
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My suggestion is to explain to them why you want to do this work and perhaps what is at stake for you. You can of course also send them this course landing page so they can get their own impression. Maybe they would be willing to do the homework with you without watching/listening to the whole course. That would be a great start! 
I have a pretty good intimacy and relationship already - can this course still benefit me? 
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Yes, first of all I am happy that you already have a good intimacy and relationship! That is an excellent place to start. If you recognize that there is more available to you that you aren't currently accessing - this course is a great fit. You will learn new things that can open up your currently good relationship to tantalizing blissful fulfillment.  
I suffer from premature ejaculation - can this course help me? 
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Yes, this course can help with premature ejaculation. Learning the basics of developing a self-love practice and semen retention can definitely help you to last longer. The lingam massage is guided in a way that can help to heal performance anxiety, which is directly linked to premature ejaculation. 
I have difficulty reaching climax and/or suffer from incontinence - can this course help me? 
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Yes, this course can help your vulva/yoni become more sensitive and more pleasureful through both receiving yoni massage and also through working with the yoni egg. The yoni egg practice can also help with strengthening your pelvic floor which can heal incontinence. 
I have been abused - can this course help with my trauma? 
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Yes, this course can most definitely help you heal certain aspects of your trauma through creating presence in your body and through tapping into your desires and boundaries. When you communicate your boundaries and desires to your partner you will be better able to both surrender and take control in intimate encounters, which can help to heal trauma. 
Do you demonstrate nude in this course? 
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No, there is no nudity. There is definitely explicit language and reference to genitals and how to touch them, however our video demonstrations are fully clothed. 
What is the yoni egg practice and how can it help me? 
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The yoni egg practice comes from ancient China and was used by the concubines of the royalty to maintain their vitality, beauty, power and strength. It is a practice that has physical, mental and spiritual benefits. The yoni egg is invited into the vagina through an intentional practice that is combined with meditations, movement, breathwork and touch. With the egg inside, various exercises are done that strengthen the pelvic floor, lubricate the vagina, calm down the nervous system and connect us to our own energy and pleasure. 
What do I need for the practice? 
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The main thing you need is an open heart and mind. You will also need a pure nephrite jade yoni egg and unwaxed and unflavored dental floss to use for this practice. You will find a link for purchase to what you need within the course platform, but you can also purchase from another source if you like.  
Do you have other offerings for single people? 
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Yes, I have offerings for single and married women. My 3-month online course for women, Awaken Your Desire, could be a great fit for you. You can check out when I am launching the next round on my website
I currently do not have any offerings for single men.
Do you offer Refunds? 
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No, I do not offer refunds under any circumstances. I trust that you are purchasing this course and/or coaching package with the intention of actually doing it! All sales are final.  
Thank you for taking the time to read this - I hope to see you on the inside! If you have any additional questions feel free to email me at
With Love,
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